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Is there a way to set the shape menus I want in draw.io? When starting a new drawing I always have to go through the process of closing the ones I don't need and opening the ones I do. I would like to cut this step from my process.

Thank you for your time.

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For now there's a URL parameter libs that takes a semicolon separated list of the library sets you want, e.g.:


That's also the list of all possible values currently for that parameter. You've made me realise there's a bug with ER, BPMN and iOS sets regarding this, we'll look at that.

We have discussed this and intend to persist the library settings between uses. A question for you, would you prefer this to be stored per browser (i.e. cookies) or per Google account (as a meta file in your Drive)?

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Thank you so much! Also ER and iOS does not show up in the "Show more..." list. I would personally prefer a meta file in the Google Drive but not everyone will use Google Drive so a cookie is most flexible. Maybe the cookie is the fall back? – Robert Brisita Feb 11 '13 at 20:17

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