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Someone sent me this message in Facebook:

enter image description here

How did he make these emoticons?

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I can't up/downvote or give comments yet because my rep isn't enough, but I'd just like to say that the link that @Shimmy gave provides only the basic emoticons Facebook has as shown on web and some codes not even used on Fb (like [[f9.cash]]).

@dw1's answer provided the complete list.

I'm using this site but it doesn't have descriptions per emoji. It has a neater UI though compared to the site answered by @dw1.

If you're on Messenger, you can easily see all emojis without looking for an external site to give you the list.

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Oops I found it, there are many websites that provide it, here is an example.

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I suggest marking your answer as approved if it answered your question :) – ComputerLocus Mar 15 '13 at 4:50

The most complete site I've found is fbicons.net

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