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Currently I'm trying to search through my rather large email archive on GMail.

Unfortunately the words I like to find also occur in almost any email footer as the signature text.

While I understand that there is no entity type "signature" in a plain email body, it seems that GMail is still (limited) capable of detecting signatures (and collapsing them with those ... buttons).

My question:

Is there a search operator to tell GMail to search for texts but omit the signature?

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Kinda, there is a work around to do what you want, while doing the search, you can specify that results should not have some text, by using the field Doesn't have, and include in this field some text from the signatures.

or if you can also specify to search for whole sentences only, by using double quotes like this:

"my one long sentence"

so it will match the whole sentence only, and not single words.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, since virtually all emails have the signature, this would actually omit all search results. – Uwe Keim Feb 14 '13 at 7:17

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