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When I send a plain text message using (my Hotmail recently got upgraded to Outlook automatically), where the body is:

subscribe mailinglist-users

the actual message sent is:

subscribe mailinglist-users =

Note the "=" at the end of the message. I then get an automated message from the mailing list system that it doesn't recognise the format of my email:

>>>> subscribe mailinglist-users =
**** The address you supplied, =
**** does not seem to be a legal Internet address. You may have supplied
**** your full name instead of your address, or you may have included your
**** name along with your address in a manner that does not comply with
**** Internet standards for addresses.
**** It is also possible that you are using a mailer that wraps long lines
**** and the end of your request ended up on the following line. If the
**** latter is true, try using backslashes to split long lines. (Split the
**** line between words, then put a backslash at the end of all but the
**** last line.)

**** subscribe: invalid address ' ='

My question is, how do I stop these extra control characters from being silently added to the plaintext email?

I've already tried asking the same thing at

With hilarious/sad-it-will-make-you-cry results as the replies appear to be from automated bots that appear to reply with stock answers based on keywords in my posts.

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