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Now when I go to youtube.com it only shows me the videos that I watched before or something similar. I have to log out my Google account to get the normal home page and see the videos that are actually new and interesting, or at least get these buttons.

screen shot

But then I was logged out for all my Google apps such as Gmail, Calendar. This is really annoying. Now I basically have to use a separate browser to watch YouTube, but then I can't save or comment. Is there a way I can get back the normal non-personalized home page even when I'm logged in?

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You can use the Google Chrome's Incognito browser mode so that you can see popular videos without having to log out every single time. – Hydra Apr 8 '13 at 15:17

When signed out go to the "Browse Channel's" at the bottom, there will be some tiles. The first one should be "Popular on Youtube." Underneath that will be a subscribe button. Click it, sign in, and when you want to go there, just click it in the sidebar.

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If you click the "Browse Channels" button on the sidebar, you can access them.

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That is true. But even then, if I go to say popular on youtube, there're still a large chunk of videos that're recommended. And I still don't have those buttons on the left. – LWZ Feb 14 '13 at 3:23

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