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I'm looking for an email service not provided by Google that supports wildcard or 'catch-all' email addresses at my custom domain. Spam filtering must occur on the wildcard/catch-all addresses. Paid services are fine, maybe even preferred.

I've used this with a free Google Apps (GMail) account for years and have lost track of them all. Every company or website I register with gets company_name@my_domain.com as my email address and it works fine. I'm not interested in setting up a new alias each time, and aliases are usually limited to 50 or so anyhow. I understand catch-all addresses are not advised due to potential spam problems. This has not been an issue for me so I want to continue doing it.

So far, I've found several domain registrars that will do this but I'm happy with my registrar and won't switch. Rackspace email looked like a popular alternative, but they don't spam filter catch-all addresses which makes this pointless.

Can this be done with any email providers besides GMail? Or, is there another technical solution to this that I have overlooked?

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