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My Twitter bio looks bad because the line is split at unfortunate places.

Can I force a line break at a particular place?

The form at https://twitter.com/settings/profile inserts a carriage returns when I press Enter or Shift+Enter, and even saves them, but it does not seem to display them.

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Solution: Put an equal number of non-breaking spaces around your first line.

What to type: enter image description here

Demo: @maxMRE

How to type a non-breaking space:

  • Ubuntu: Shift+AltGr+[space] on a french (variant) keymap.
  • Anything else: Your mileage may vary, you have plenty of answers a few keystrokes away.

Copy-pasting non breaking spaces directly in the twitter textarea did not work, I had to type them directly. I wish the web didn't make it so hard to get nice typography.

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That eats up some precious characters, but the best solution so far! –  nic Jan 24 at 0:49
For windows, hold Alt and press 0160, release Alt, and repeat. Works for me - twitter.com/imdsm –  Adam K Dean Feb 13 at 14:51

I fetched my twitter profile with the Twitter API. Here is how it looks -

... "screen_name":"iAmBibhas","location":"Bangalore, India","description":"Hungry and lazy developer.\r\nCurrently building @lxidd. ","url":"http:\/\/bibhas.in", ...

As you can see, there is \r\n just before Currently building @lxidd. That means the line breaks are being saved in Twitter database. They just remove it while showing on the profile page. Any 3rd party app that fetches this information, will have that line break, unless removed explicitly.

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I used fillers (- - - hyphens and spaces - - -)

it seemed to work for me well enough as a hack https://twitter.com/tomstafford

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+1 Interesting approach! Does it do the trick on all browsers, including mobile browsers? I guess it does not play that well with third-party Twitter clients? –  nic May 12 '13 at 1:15

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