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I am looking a way to split specific comments (and maybe other card's elements) from an existing card, to a new one.

For example, someone discovered an issue, but posted it as a comment in an existing card. Then the conversation moved on, before it was decided that it belongs on a different card/list by itself.

Duplicating the card, copies all the comments (without exception) as links to the previous card, so they cannot be removed from the new card.

Is there a way to do it or it's a no-go? Thanks in advance.

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When you copy a card you have the option to keep the comments, but the comments are copied, not linked, so you can copy a card with links and then remove unwanted comments from the original card. That's not ideal, but is as close as you can get at the moment.

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Are you sure that the comments aren't linked? I know that I can remove those that I want from original card, but as I say at my question, I can't remove those that I don't want from the duplicated card... That's the disturbing part and the reason I opened this question. :( – Saxtus Feb 22 '13 at 19:23
Yes - I tried it before I answered - I deleted the original comments and also tried deleting the original card. The comments themselves on the copied item remain. There is a statement above the comment of the form 'A copied comment by B from card C' which links back to the original card, but the comments themselves are not links or linked. Nevertheless - you can't delete the duplicated ones as you say which is an oversight I feel. – Roger Attrill Feb 22 '13 at 20:25
So, bottom line is: I don't like your answer, as it just confirms my own research mentioned on my question, but that is like saying "not liking the truth", so I have to live with it! Thank you for your time! – Saxtus Feb 23 '13 at 7:34

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