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I noticed Youtube offers live streaming now, via "hangouts on air". However it appears to tie to my Google Plus account, which uses my real name. I'd rather keep using my Youtube channel only.

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I'd like to be able to live stream on youtube without exposing my Google + name/credentials if possible. Is there a way to do that with Hangouts On Air or is the Google + bit required?

If making a Google + "page" is an option then that's acceptable to me but I don't know if I can connect the Hangouts On Air feature to a Page instead of my personal Google + account as my Youtube account is using the same Google account as my "real" Google +.

Yes I have read How can I stream live video on YouTube? and How do I stream live on YouTube? but those questions don't apply to the Hangouts stream feature.

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Currently, your Google+ Profile must be tied to a YouTube page in order for a Google+ Hangout on Air to be streamed live.

You cannot (yet) tie a Google+ Page to a YouTube account, although YouTube has indicated this will be coming "soon", they have not provided further details on doing so.

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