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I'm starting to use GTD, mostly the manual way (e.g. pen and notebook). Are there useful web applications out there for helping you stay on top of things? It need not be specifically for GTD, but I'm interested in the options.

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A ton of webapps exist that are designed for this purpose, so you are in luck!

Some standout applications are:

  • Nozbe, RememberTheMilk or Toodledo for task management
  • Evernote or Springpad for note taking

Check out these awesome Mashable roundups though, they have a ton of apps listed for this purpose!



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Yes there are many online options (see other answers). It is matter of personal taste and match which one would suit the best.

To answer your question 'do you use a web app for GTD' - not any more. I used to use Remember the Milk with Gears, but for over a year, what works best for me is combination of Things on MBPro with Things on iPad/iPhone, supported by Evernote for additional collecting / reference material.

I also found Dropbox and Google Docs useful for the reference material to projects.

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+1 for Mac Things+Evernote – Casebash Sep 2 '10 at 2:51

I tend to use a texteditor, combined with google calendar, to organize my time, my days.

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Here's a list of on-line webapps. Todoist has a nice clean interface.

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I tried Nirvana and was extremely impressed by it. They are still in private beta, but I didn't have to wait very long to get access. They will always have a free plan, but it is not clear at this stage what that will entail.

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