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I've set up a Google Spreadsheet to compare one set of stats against another. The stats are for traffic vs. an action the actions only happen once a day and not every day were as the traffic has more volume and happens every day.

What I want to show is a 2 line - line chart with two axis so that I can run the two lines against one another at the moment all I've been able to make is a chart with 2 lines, but both using the same axis - this means that the action line always is sitting at either 0 or 1 were as the traffic line is going up to 30 but there both drawn against the same axis so you cant really read the chart well to see a coloration.

I've linked a copy of the Google Spreadsheet and a mock-up of what I'm trying to achieve here:


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I don't see how your example image relates to your example data because with your data I get:

WA40791 example

but at least the above shows a secondary vertical axis is possible (though only for certain chart types) and it did seem necessary to replace the blanks in your ColumnC with 0.

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