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How do I transfer all my Hotmail folders and emails into my Gmail account, before years of emails get lost? Is it possible for me to do this with very basic skills? I use a Mac computer so installing Windows applications is out of the question.

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I never used Hotmail, but I suppose that it supports POP3 and/or IMAP, right?

If yes, just install some free mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird on your machine and connect it with both accounts (important: use IMAP for the Gmail account!).
Then, you can just drag & drop mails and folders inside Thunderbird from your Hotmail account to your Gmail account.

That's the way how I transferred 10 years of mails from my old provider when I switched to Gmail.

I just noticed that GMail also can directly import mails from Hotmail.
I didn't know/use this when I switched providers, because I already had my mails in Thunderbird locally on my machine, because I used POP3 with my old provider and always pulled my mails from the server.

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