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Last night I deleted a tumblr blog I owned because I didn't need it anymore. I still want the url it had and my plan was to just change the url on my other blog to the one of the deleted blog because it would be available. The problem is, when I finished deleting my blog and tried to change the url of my other blog, it wouldn't work. It keeps saying that the url name is taken but when I click the link to go see the blog, it gives me a not found page instead. I don't know why tumblr isn't letting me (or anyone else, I had my friends check and it didn't work for them either) use this url! I emailed tumblr support around 11:30pm and now I'm just waiting for a response. Why is this url unavailable if I deleted the blog and everything?

Update: I also just tried blocking/ignoring, and following that url via the "You follow __ people" button, and they both end up saying that the blog/url doesn't exist. Well if it doesn't exist/is not being used right now then why can't I have my url back..?

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Just noting that this problem also applies to Blogger as well, most likely due to the fact that they want to avoid people taking over popular domains that were recently deleted –  Hydra Feb 25 '13 at 11:33

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