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Is it possible to link to an archived web page from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine so that the archive header (for browsing other archives of the same page) isn't shown? Perhaps an url parameter? I didn't find anything on their FAQ.

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Append id_ to the end of the date string in the url.

Source: http://faq.web.archive.org/page-without-wayback-code/

If you want to view a page from the Wayback Machine that does not have all of the Wayback rewritten code in it, you can view the bare, archived page by adding “id_” to the end of the date in the URL.

Page with rewritten links and other Wayback code in it:

Page rendered exactly as it was archived:

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That's amazing, thanks! I was afraid it wouldn't be possible :) – waldyrious Feb 26 '13 at 1:47

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