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In the Google Reader Android app, I can sort Starred Items, which is cool. But in the web version of Google Reader, the Folder Settings for the Starred Items where I can Sort By Magic is missing. The Folder Settings, however, is available to all other folders.

So, how does one sort Starred Items by magic in the web version of Google Reader?

I already posted it in the product forums, but there hasn't been a reply in days.

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Apparently you can't. (At least until they add that feature, but I doubt they will. Reader is a bit of a neglected product.)

I'm just speculating here, but I'll bet that the Android app pulls the starred items in as a folder, and so to keep things simple you can do "folder-y" things to it. The same can't be said for the web app. Why don't they allow it? Beats me.

Your alternative would be to apply a tag/folder/label to all of your starred items, and then use the sort options there. That's tedious to manage, though.

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