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Is there a way to get Google Calendar to show my whole day? I don't want to scroll up and down. I want one click to see everything. Is there a way to lock the view to 7am to 9pm or something like that?

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How about the "Hide morning and night" Lab?

How often do you have something scheduled at 3am? What about 10pm? If the answer is almost never, you might want to try out the Hide morning and night lab in Google Calendar.

With a simple drag of a slider you can fold all those empty hours into a single row to set the time range you want to hide. The folded rows still show all your events, just in more compact form.

It may not completely remove any scrolling but, depending on how big your browser window is, should reduce it significantly.

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AFAIK no, there isn't a way to lock the view on a set time interval. Have you tried viewing in agenda mode? Typically that will condense your schedule into a tighter frame than day view will allow.

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