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YouTube constantly prompts me to update to use a real name (and thus attach a Google+ account to my email address). I've selected the option to continue using my old username only, but it doesn't matter — it just prompts me again later over and over. Is there any way to permanently disable this, or a userscript to prevent it from popping up? I use Chrome if it matters.

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Do you use multiple computers? Do you block or wipe out your cookies? Perhaps the nag disable is stored in a cookie or something like that? – Zoredache Mar 8 '13 at 0:48
@Zoredache That occurred to me too. I'm prety sure it's popped up on the same computer twice without wiping cookies but I will pay more attention. – Matthew Read Mar 8 '13 at 4:02

I got the same prompt to get a better username from YouTube. I followed the prompt, and told YouTube that I wanted to keep my existing YouTube username. This was a one-shot deal for me. I haven't received the same prompt from YouTube again.

So why doesn't this work for you? I was already logged in to YouTube at the time I received the prompt. Maybe YouTube doesn't save your settings unless you are logged in when you input them.

I should add that the language used in the steps that follow the YouTube prompt is tricky, and may even be confusing to some people. I strongly advise you to read everything very carefully before you click on anything.

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Thanks for the thoughts, but I've definitely taken the right steps while logged in ... I did select the option to use different names for YouTube and Google-in-general since I want to keep my YT username separate from my Gmail name. I've gone through the steps one more time, I'll see if it sticks. – Matthew Read Mar 6 '13 at 16:47

Check out this userscript:


Removes the pop-up from Youtube that tells you to "Get a better name on YouTube" by using your Google+ username instead.

enter image description here

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