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Importing into Yahoo mail doesn't work for me since it halts at about 300 contacts out of 1500 (known bug).

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Get an account on, import your Facebook contacts. Exporting doesn't work for me (it produces 0-length files), but this workaround did:

  • on GMX, go to Contacts
  • right click on the Facebook group
  • send e-mail to group
  • copy all addresses

At this point you can send invitations to this list by pasting it into LinkedIn (Add connections -> Any Email -> Invite by individual email).

If you would like to screen the invites before they are sent, do the following:

  • paste the semicolon-separated addresses into a file
  • run: sed 's/\;/\n/g' file
  • open a GMail account
  • switch from Mail to Contacts
  • import that file

Now you can import from that GMail account into LinkedIn, which will show you a list with names and pictures that you can choose to remove from the invite list.

Cheers, redondos

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Someone did their research. – Griffin Mar 8 '13 at 0:32

you can try It's a web application, you log into Facebook, then to Linkedin and it does all the work for you.

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