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For chatting purposes I use my Gmail chat. I know how to type custom messages in the chat but not how to set the music I listen to as a custom message.

I use Windows Media Player for listening to music.

Is there a way to set the song I am listening to as a custom message in Gmail chat?
If so, how?

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Unfortunately, Gmail/Gchat does not currently support this. To do this, you must use a client such as Gtalk.

As per Google's instructions, you can share your current music via Gtalk:

If you'd like to show your contacts what music you're listening to at that very moment, select Show current music track from the Available or Busy section of your status drop-down menu.

Your status will automatically update each time your supported music player starts a new song, listing the track name and artist information:

If you stop your music, your status will display the default Available or Busy message.

The list of supported players is located here.

Gtalk Screenshot

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Can you please edit your answer, with the way in which you do it in GTALK? It will be helpful to many. – Freakyuser Mar 27 '13 at 16:15
Does it show the current music track to us also? My Windows media player is playing a song and I have selected the 'Show Current Music Track' option but the song is not shown to me. Only the 'available' is shown to me. – Freakyuser Jun 26 '13 at 7:15

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