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I have a client that wants a simple online database or spreadsheet solution.


  • Custom fields and field types (text, images)
  • CRUD contents through a web GUI
  • Password protected (single user login)
  • Search- and sortable fields (all)

Not required

  • Relations
  • API

This isn't an enterprise solution. There's only ~700 records to add, even though they're fairly comprehensive. I'm about to suggest just using a Google Docs Spreadsheet, but are there any alternatives to consider? Also, can you make queries for a Google Docs Spreadsheet, similar to what you would to a DB?

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I have been building an online database application over Google App Engine for such use-cases. It is called iFreeTools Creator.

  • Supports multiple data-types for fields including single-line text, multi-line text, numbers, images, geo-location and more.
  • Forms and views are automatically generated for users based on their authorization profiles.
  • Users would need nothing more than a Google / Google Apps / Yahoo! account to get started with the app.
  • Custom Views can be created to segment the data using filtering criteria into multiple views. Keyword based search and client-side sorting is also available.

The client can use the free plan itself for the number of records you had specified. Email support is available even for the free users.

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Thanks Raj. Looks like just what they need. I'll pass it along! – jiku Mar 11 '13 at 17:18

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