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I stumbled across an online time / task tracking application earlier this year that caught my interest. It used a single input field for data entry that allowed specifying keywords / tags using the '@' sign. An example would be:

spent 4 hours trying to find time tracking app @wasted-time @12:00 @personal @sunday @follow-up

The app would then parse the keywords into additional fields about the entry.

I can't find it again, given the abundance of similar tools on the net, and don't remember other details. Can anyone help?

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Was it any of the ones mentioned in this question webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/1866/… –  Marc Roberts Jul 19 '10 at 8:56

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I don't know which one uses @keyword for tags, but toggl is pretty good for a web app that manages complex time tracking.

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It wasn't http://letsfreckle.com/ was it?

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I use http://slimtimer.com. Was this the one you are looking for?

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Check out Tempo. It does what you were looking for, organizes by categories, as well as generates charts, graphs and reports and exports invoices


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