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I've had one email address on Yahoo for several years and I want to make a new Yahoo email address. I do have many contacts currently. The obvious, but slower way of letting my contacts know about my new address would just be to send them a mass email informing them or responding as needed. Is there a function within Yahoo, that if a contact emails me, it informs them that I'm not using that email address anymore and here is the new address. Unsure if I'm being super clear about this but any help would be greatly beneficial, thanks!

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Yahoo mail offers this as a feature of Mail Plus that is available at an extra cost.

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Without paying for Mail Plus, you have two options:

  • Create an extra email address instead of a separate account.

    You can do this in Options → Mail Accounts → Additional Email Adress.

  • Enable auto-response.

    In Options → Vacation Response, you can configure an automatic response that tells everyone who sends you an email that your address has changed.

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I know that it works with gmail. All one has yo do is simply enter their old email's pop3/ imap/ smpt info and you can send and receive from said old email as well as the new one. I'd say get a gmail account and use that anyways.

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I think you have to change your old account to a paid account to get mail forwarding. Don't know if they have an "on vacation" function.

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