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We recently migrated to Google Apps for business, many users using the MS Outlook Sync tool to sync between the mail client and Google.

I have a user that was in the Gmail interface and dragged-and-dropped a folder and now can't find it. The user remembered one of the subject lines, so we searched for it and were able to find it. The problem is, the email doesn't have any indication of where it is "filed" (no labels), and I need to find the rest of the emails that were associated with this folder.

I've checked all obvious places like Inbox, Trash, Important, etc. I've also looked on the Outlook side which was no help.

Is there a way to determine email location once found in a search?

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There are no folders in gmail, only labels. –  Hassan Voyeau Mar 12 '13 at 14:51
Do you remember the folder's name? –  Christopher Harwood Mar 25 at 16:27

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The email must be achieved and will be present under the "All Mails"

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