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What I'm looking for is a a bookmarklet, extension or web app that allows you to save your location when reading long articles, tutorials, e-books and other long web content.

For example, reading something like the Rails tutorial, I keep forgetting where I left off, and I would like to have some sort of solution that behaves like Kindle and remembers my last location in it. It can be a bookmarklet (that saves in a cookie), an extension or a web app (e.g. I wish Pocket had this feature).

However, I've searched for a few hours, and all I could find is this:


Note that I'm a bit confused if this is the right place to ask these kind of questions. On one hand I saw many that weren't closed which are similar (Website or bookmarklet to get a screenshot of a webpage), but saw others that got closed (Is there a web app that allows you to enter a webapp and it gives you a list of similar websites?).

As well as on the FAQ I saw this:

App recommendations unless prior research is shown

I did my due diligence trying to find the app, but can't call it “research.” However, I'm not looking for a recommendation, just wondering if there is such a thing or not.

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Try Readability - not only will it save the location, it also synchronizes across several devices, and, my favorite, predicts how long will it tale you to finish reading the article (in minutes).

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Great, I've heard of them but never got the time to give it a test, will do now, thanks! – Eran Medan Mar 13 '13 at 18:05
Tested it, and it works great, I wonder though if there is anything that keeps the code highlighting and formatting as is, well, you can get it all :) – Eran Medan Mar 13 '13 at 19:28

for firefox there is advanced bookmarks this stores scroll position and the position of selected texts. For chrome there is "neater bookmarks" this stores the scroll position.

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