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I find that when I am using my iPhone with the application Reeder, by scrolling and then swiping any articles that don't interest me as read I am able to process a large number of posts in a short amount of time.

However, I find that the speed at which I process feeds on the web with Google Reader is much slower, and as a result I now read feeds almost exclusively on my iPhone, however I would love to be comfortable and improve my rss reading and processing on the desktop.

Are there any apps that will make processing my rss feeds easier?

I was thinking maybe an ajaxy app that shows up headlines one at a time and you just use y/n on the keyboard to mark if you want to read it or not, or maybe something that mimics Reeder in using a click and drag to mark as read?

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You could always try the keyboard shortcuts.

j/k: move up and down items

m: mark as read/unread

So you could just press j o k repetitively until you went through the list. Whenever you open one you want to read later, just press m to unmark it as read.

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You could also add the most important one: ?! In case you forget something.. works in most google services.. :) –  Lipis Jul 19 '10 at 11:26
Keyboard shortcuts massively speed you up. g+a to show all posts, then n or p for next/previous. o to open the item, and m to toggle read/unread. And ? anytime you forget what to press –  Steve Armstrong Jul 19 '10 at 19:48
  1. use the "list view" to get a more compact representation of what to read.
  2. roll with the mouse to "emulate" wiping and just ignore everything you do not want to read.
  3. if you read something, use the keys mentioned in by GoodEnough to get quickly from the current item to the next item which is close, otherwise use the mousewheel again.
  4. if you are done with reading, "mark all as read"
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