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What might be the preferred way to post a list of 24 activities and then ask visitors to choose their 1st, 2nd & 3rd favorites? They were to provide a response: Why are you choosing this? What is your vision for this? Tell us more!

That was the original challenge, but with the large number of activities, it appears that there needs to be another way to get the information. Also, there appears to be no Google Forms tool to solicit ordinal data. Maybe on the worksheet side?

I was thinking of just using grid type form field, allowing them to weigh in on them all, then convince the committee that this is another way to get their information.

Maybe they could choose their Number 1, then have a branch to a page that allows them to submit their comments relating to that activity. Then that would be repeated for their second and third choices. It must be kept simple though.

I am unclear how the data analysis may be completed. I am thinking that a grid would allow for a weighted response to all of the activities. Perhaps instructions to comment on their highest ranked activities would provide the information that this committee wants.

Using check box type form fields would allow them to ignore lower rated fields. If so, is there a way to limit the selection to exactly three (check boxes or radio buttons) or is the visitor on the honor system? Also, might be able to break out and display their comments on a second page, though it may require 24 pages (one for each activity, if chosen...)

Then the questions arises: How would the data results summary be posted in Google Forms?

Looking for some help in choosing which way to go. Suggestions?

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