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I am trying to figure out a good way for a non native English speaker to become proficient in pronunciations.

Google Translator on Chrome seems like a good option. It lets a person read out and it would process the speech and add text to the textbox.

I was looking for a logical extension to it. Is there an app which presents a text to read. As long as you read and pronounce correctly, it'll keep updating the completed status and wait on a particular word if you don't pronounce it correctly?

If this place is not the right place to ask this question, I apologize.

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Are you looking for an app sort of like this?

Sounds: The Pronunciation App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sounds-pronunciation-app-free/id428243918?mt=8

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Duolingo, though not exclusively focused on pronounciation, dedicate a part of each lesson to pronounce short phrases after hearing them, and validate the step only if pronounced correctly.

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Auralog's Tell Me More is great for learning to pronounce correctly: after pronouncing a word or sentence it compares the soundwave with a perfect pronunciation, gives a score based on it and allows you to play back your pronounced words so that you can hear the difference. It supports many languages, including US and UK English.

enter image description here

Personally I use the voice recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which forces me to train everyday ;-)

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