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I get spam emails from sources I don't recognize and addressed to emails that aren't even close to mine (not talking about the dot '.' issue that many have discussed in other threads).

It gets to my Spam box at least, but is there a way to completely block / delete these messages from ever appearing?

Some observations regarding the "from" field:

  • Usually from an @msn.com domain, ex: from: uuuasianannasinas163@msn.com
  • It's often from someone named Rick!

Some observations regarding the "reply-to" field:

  • Sometimes from a @###.com numbers domain, ex: reply-to: dephotowork@163.com

Some observations regarding the "to" field:

  • The address starts with the same first 4 characters of my address, but the rest is totally different (with numbers too, which I don't even have in my address).
  • The domain is an @hotmail.com address. How can that possibly redirect to mine?

Is there any way to stop these once and for all?

I'm familiar with Gmail's Filter settings (mostly to sort through subscriptions / various senders) but would that be sufficient to delete these emails?

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