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Amazon often has two items with vastly different prices. Is there anyway to mark the two items as a duplicate or to inform Amazon of this?

Lest another person answer claiming that one is Amazon and one isn't here is another dupe in the audio category,

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Those two items are different. Amazon allows other retailers to sell on their system. The second link you have is sold by Amazon. The first link is being sold by another vendor.

Because of this, Amazon may list the exact same item for sale at multiple different prices.

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Yes, but retailers can also sell things directly through Amazon, as if Amazon were selling them. Look for the text "Ships from and sold by Music123." on your first link. That's not Amazon. The second link is. –  cpilko Mar 22 '13 at 0:48
That's only because they have different titles, thus the dupe. Retailers aren't supposed to list all of their items when there is already a product page -- they're supposed to compete and list as retailers for the product, like the link provided. What do you think if 1,000 users all wanted to sell the RS-1 I gave as an example? When you did a search for it, you'd see 1,000 thumbnails and 400 pages with different prices? No, they're supposed to show up like the SM58 that I linked above. –  Evan Carroll Mar 22 '13 at 0:58

You can suggest changes to a page description through the "update product info" link under "Product details" or in the feedback block at the bottom of the page.

Here is a link to the "update product info" for the first product you mentioned: "Heil Sound RS-1 Riser with Surface Mount for PL2T Boom System"

It will not let you mark it as a duplicate though but it will let you suggest the same title for it.

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