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I just bought a Kindle but when I look at reviews of a Kindle book I see reviews of the paperback and hardbacks.

How do I filter the reviews so I just see reviews specifically of the Kindle copy?

This would also apply to VCR/DVD/Blu-ray reviews.

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Why did you add that tag back? We're trying to get rid of the review tag‌​. – Al E. Mar 17 at 23:33
Further, we're also trying to get rid of the 'filter' tag. – Al E. Mar 17 at 23:34
Please stop deleting useful tagzs. Don't be that guy who cleans everything so pure it's not useful. – Lance Roberts Mar 18 at 4:13
How are those tags useful? – Al E. Mar 18 at 11:02
It's about searching to be able to focus on the Q&A that applies to one's particular problem. The more specificity in the tags, the more targeted the list you can get from searching. That saves time, therefore it's useful. Remember this is a site about Web Apps, and some of those apps are for the purpose of reviews, or reviews are a major part of what they do. It wouldn't be a good tag for SO or SU, but it is here. Note though that I messed up and it should have been 'reviews' as it was, but now I can't change it. – Lance Roberts Mar 18 at 16:05
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Here's the reply I received when I asked Amazon this question:

Different editions, bindings, or versions of a title are often linked in our system so customers can easily find the version they're looking for. In such cases, the same reviews appear on the product detail pages for all versions.

Such content sharing allows us to provide all review information possible, regardless of the edition. This includes both editorial reviews and customer reviews.

I'm sorry, but there is not a way to filter these kinds of reviews.

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