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Is it possible to enable Safety Mode in YouTube via a URL parameter? If so, how is this accomplished?

I am interested in doing this for an iOS app, as well as for a router rule.

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YouTube Safety Mode is only managed through cookies rather than URL parameters. This is likely a decision made to stop people inadvertently having Safety Mode enabled by clicking on a random YouTube link.

To force Safety Mode, proxies can directly manipulate the cookie headers of outgoing requests, for example on this Bluecoat article you can see the script appending &f2=8000000 to the PREF cookie. If your router setup is sufficiently advanced this may be possible. The YouTube help article notes "Safety Mode for YouTube Mobile is not available at this time", so success on iOS depends on your implementation.

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Not ideal, but with a Linux based router should be doable. Cookies are easily manipulated in iOS as well so this should work. – jjxtra Mar 25 '13 at 15:58

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