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I recently got an app request from a friend on facebook. I don't use that app, or any app for that matter, and I wanted to delete it. This not being my first time, I hit the small "x" button next to it, expecting it to disappear, but it didn't. Confused, I pressed it again, but once again, it didn't disappear. I then went to the app center and tried to disable the request from there, but it didn't say that I had received an app recently. I, then, went and unfriended the person who sent me the request, hoping that the app itself would disappear. I checked, and it didn't. "I went into my "Account Settings" on my facebook, went to "Notifications," went to "Apps" and disabled all apps. I checked, and the persistent notification was still there. I believe the information that I've given to you so far has demonstrated how difficult it is to delete this app, and how badly I want it gone. If ANYONE has ANY idea about how to make this request disappear, I'll probably love you forever. Thanks!

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