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I want to build a web based database for people to submit entries in wiki style where everybody can contribute. But a wiki does not have database capabilities to search by fields.

Is there a tool for me to build a simple web based database that is searchable (with fields) and everybody can contribute? Some access control is preferred, I don't want people to modify other people's entry.

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How about Ragic?

You can create forms like a spreadsheet, and open it to the public so everyone can create entries on it. It also have access right management to control whether the user can see or be able to modify an entry. And it's web based like you asked.

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Thanks! It looks like a good solution for me! – kuborg Apr 2 '13 at 14:01

Zoho Creator - looks nice but could get expensive quickly.

Knack - the pricing looks nice (as it is not priced per user)

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