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We use Google Apps for Business to run our emails (Gmail) and we have quite a few emails that we get from the same people / the same address (@company.com) / or same subject, that always seem to go straight to junk.

I’ve tried adding these people as contacts, in Google Contacts, and also set a Gmail filter, to Never send it to Spam, Mark it as important, but sometimes they still go to the junk.

Any idea how I can 100% guarantee an email doesn’t go into the junk?

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The sender's domain may have incorrectly configured SPF or DKIM records. Google checks these and honors them. If the sender is a Google Apps domain, you are in luck and can send them these:



If you take one of the messages that went into spam, do "Show Original" and paste here: http://www.mxtoolbox.com/EmailHeaders.aspx you will be able to look at the anti-spam headers of the email that was sent.

Fail is likely a problem but neutral could be a problem too.

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