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I understand that the steps required to change my primary domain to a subdomain are as follows:

  1. Delete mysubdomain.com from myprimarydomain.com
  2. Create new account mysubdomain.com
  3. Migrate our Google Apps Core users and data
  4. Contact Google Apps Enterprise Support for assistance to delete myprimarydomain.com
  5. Add myprimarydomain.com as a sub to new account on mysubdomain.com

I'm trying to find out what will happen to other services and am having a very hard time getting answers. I got a response from DoubleClick for Publishers to this question in Google Apps primary domain switch, but it is still open-ended.

What will happen to

And how can I keep access to these without losing data?

Note that I have spoken with an engineer at Google Apps Enterprise Support and they were unable to get me an answer after a few days worth of research, they were not able to conduct a test, and they were not able to find the results of anyone else who had actually done this. The engineer had me ask this question in the various other product forums where they remain unanswered.

(This is a followup to How can I change the primary domain on Google Apps?.)

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