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I'm researching destinations in Japan far enough off the beaten track that English-language information isn't available. Since my Japanese is pretty basic, I've been relying heavily on Google translate.

I've tried using it on a PDF I've come across, http://www.gassannoyado.com/Pamphlet_01.pdf . It seems to have translated the text, but the images have disappeared, and the text doesn't seem to be in the same location as the original.

Are there better websites or programs for machine translating PDFs?

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Google Translate is a fast way to translate documents but it doesn't preserve formatting and turns them into plain-text.

A good option is DocTranslator the user interface is not too good but the tool is useful. Just upload a document, select the language you want it to be translated to and within a minute it will translate the document while preserving the presentation formatting.

It uses Google Translate itself to translate the text so you don't need to worry about the quality of translation.

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