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I'm currently in Brazil and using Window 8 in English. But looks like Draw.io decide to use my ip to define the language of menus.

The translation is good but I really prefer in English since all help is easier in English.

Is it possible to change language to English?

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It is not possible to change the language of Draw.io, unless you change your own computer's language setting to English, which would then change the language of Draw.io accordingly.

If this is not feasible, you can try adding a ?lang=en at the end of the URL (like https://www.draw.io/?lang=en) to force it to appear in English, but it will not remember this setting though, you would have to set it every single time you visit the site.

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Your querystring worked for me. –  Vitor Canova Apr 8 '13 at 16:08

@Hydra is correct, aside from the the determination of the language used. We use the language of the browser installation, which can vary from the OS language setting. We don't process IP addresses, draw.io is entirely client-side.

We're going to add two things.

  • A language menu option and:

  • Peristence of any specific language selection. That means if you use the ?lang= flag or language menu we will persist that using local storage and use that setting for that browser until the user manually overrides it by setting a different value via either of the two methods.

That will be deployed within the next week.

Edit: There's now a language menu option. Just select the language you want and that's stored in a cookie. On next refresh the menu will show in that language.

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This is strange. My Os is in english and my browser too. Actually I have both Portuguese and English but the one I was using was English. Right now I tried again and it displayed in Portuguese even my browser been set to English before access that site. –  Vitor Canova Apr 8 '13 at 16:11
Different browsers offer different values for the value we read. For IE we use the "userLanguage" value and for other browsers the "language" value. We know this isn't the best solution for an end-user application, it's like this because it originally wasn't designed to be end-user. But, as I say, when the change goes in you'll only need to set the language once and then it'll be remembered. –  David Apr 8 '13 at 19:09

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