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I like seeing when my friends like a picture or video. However, I'm tired of seeing pages that they like. I could care less about that stuff. Is there a way to hide just the page likes?

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  • Peek into the profile of that particular friend (even from within your News Feed, by hovering over the name of the friend, or by explicitly visiting his Wall)
  • Hover over the Friends button
  • If you wish, you can uncheck the "Show in News Feed" to hide all of his activity, or
  • Choosing "Settings..." will bring you to the following submenu, where you can enable/disable the particular subcategories as you wish.
  • In particular, Comments and Likes appear as a single, unified, choice. Thus disabling "Likes" will also disable "Comments".

Facebook submenu for choosing specific update-types for a given friend that will appear in your News Feed

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Repeat by x-number of friends you have on your account. Tedious. – KristianB Sep 17 '13 at 10:27
Unfortunately, this feature has now been removed. – wisbucky Jun 20 '15 at 20:22

The solution by Yosi Mor doesn't seem possible anymore. Instead, you can create a friend list, modify list settings to not show their comments and likes, and add the friends.

  1. Click on Friends
  2. Click on + Create List, name the list something, and press Create
  3. Click on Manage List, and under Updates to show, disable Comments and likes
  4. Under On this list, add those friends.
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Unfortunately, this option was removed recently. Although it appears that Comments and Likes do not show up in Friends Lists by default now. – wisbucky Jun 20 '15 at 20:25

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