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NYClean, a bookmarklet to bypass the New York Times' 10-article limit, no longer works. It is still hosted here, but the information provided appears to be outdated.

Is there a new workaround to bypass the New York Times' paywall?

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You can change browsers - you'll have 10 articles per browser per month. The other alternative is using Chrome's incognito mode - Ctrl-Shift-N and browsing the site that way.

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Searching Google News for the title or headline of the article often gets you a working link. You can also use either Firefox's Private Browsing or Chrome Incognito windows.

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You could try this new bookmarklet.

(or consider paying, if you want the NYTimes to continue paying for quality journalism...)

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I have put together a quick solution for this problem. It is not as elegant as earlier solutions, as it requires the user to do 2 clicks.

However, it does have the benefit of working even when the more elegant solutions have failed. Please check out my 2 Click solution on my blog.

Pull this link to your book marks bar. When you’re on a NY Times page and the paywall appears just click it. It will take you to google.com with your article as the top result. Click the link and voila, no paywall.

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