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While Google Calendar SMS notification seems to work for many locations, does it work for Canada? Reference: http://cantada.ca/

The option seems grayed out:

enter image description here

However, Google seems to indicate that it's possible:


Bell Mobility
Microcell Telecommunications Inc. (Fido)
MTS Mobility
SaskTel Mobility
TBAY Mobility
Telus Mobility
Virgin Mobile


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see also webapps.stackexchange.com/q/36357 – Thufir Apr 13 '13 at 0:33

Do you have your phone number associated with your account?

I used the mobile reminder feature in four different European countries, I'd be surprised if it wouldn't work for Canada.

Your screenshot is from the settings for one specific calendar, you need to go to your general calendar settings to associated the phone number:

-> google.com/calendar

-> Options button (right side) -> Preferences

There should be four tabs (General, Calendar, Mobile, Labs)

-> Mobile

enter the number, verify and then go again to the preferences menu for this specific calendar

-> "Calendar" tab

-> TUFIR HAWAT (or any other calendar name)

-> Reminders

the option should now be available

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