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So, I installed "Google Drive for PC" and created an MS Word Doc in the drive folder. I understand that I can edit this word doc from any PC where I have set up and synced my docs using "Google Drive for PC".

But what if I want to edit this word doc (saved in my Google drive from any other PCs that don't have "Google Drive for PC"?

I tried to open the doc using online application. It made a copy of the document and changes were saved to the copy only. Is there any way to sync back those changes to the original word document?

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No, it is not entirely possible to do so, although you can use the modified copy and download it in Microsoft Word format and re-uploading it to Google Drive. However, you risk having unexpected formatting changes made to your document, but it would not be too much of a problem if the document only contains plain text.

Other than that, you have no choice but to install Google Drive for PC to actually sync your changes made to the Microsoft Word document with Google Drive.

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My impression when doing this is that the word document can be shared, but that any changes made to the word document are not saved across platforms and you do not seem to have the ability to have multiple users changing the document as you do with a real google document.

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it would better be a comment rather than answer... anyways, yes, and this is apparently due to the inability of Google drive to edit the MS Word created document directly in their web app. – Khadim Ali Oct 28 '13 at 8:36

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