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I have a google group with a bunch of users-- everything is great until today one of my users tells me she was trying to post something and got a bounce back from the google group. In the bounce-back, it says "Technical details of permanent failure: The account xxxx is disabled."

When I look at the user in the list of members (using the new google group interface), it says "Disabled" (in red letters) for her in the "Delivery" column. When I click on her entry, everything looks normal except that the first "Posting permission" option is "Default group policy: member is not allowed to post" (emphasis mine). This is doubly odd since 1) the default group policy is that all members are allowed to post and 2) she was last able to post something to the group about 2 weeks ago without incident (and without any changes to her subscription by the list owner-- me).

I've tried setting the user's "Posting permission" to "Override: member is allowed to post" to no avail; she still gets the "account ... is disabled" bounceback.

I've tried deleting the user from the group and then putting her back on using a "direct add". She still shows as "disabled" and gets the same bounceback.

I checked to make sure she's not on the "banned" list; she's not. Just for kicks, I tried banning her and then unbanning her, then direct adding her again. She still shows as "disabled".

The only reference I can find around the web about an account being disabled mentions that this can happen if the user sends 500+ messages in a 24-hour period. This user assures me she's done no such thing.

How can I re-enable this group member's subscription?

Update: I deleted the user from the list and she then used the google groups website to re-subscribe. In doing so, she said that the site told her that there had been suspicious activity on her account and required her to provide some sort of credentials. The subscription request came in for approval and the user is now showing as being a regular (albeit new) subscriber.

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You should put the update information into an answer if it worked. – jonsca Apr 15 '13 at 4:25
So is this issue resolved? – Hydra Apr 15 '13 at 10:25
@Hydra I'm not sure-- I was hoping someone had experienced this and would be like "oh, I twiddled this setting and voila, it as fixed" without having to get the user involved. – jhfrontz Apr 16 '13 at 5:29
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It seems to me that here, "disabled" is referring to a global (google-wide) status across the whole Google account -- that the suspicious activity was detected and Google was just waiting for the account to be re-activated before they start accepting mail from it again (consider the case of someone else using it to send spam - you want to block the account until the problem is fixed).

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I think you're probably right. I'll "accept" your answer since it's the best (only?) one offered to resolve the issue (from the standpoint of "there's nothing else to be done"). – jhfrontz Jun 18 '13 at 0:39

I'm having the exact same issue with the same user in two different google groups. I went through the same process as the original poster, and tried to "override" the "default," but that didn't work. I deleted the user and had her re-add herself, but she's still showing as disabled. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm at a loss. (Oh, and the group member is my wife, so I really want to sort this out.)

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Thanks for sharing. Your post isn't an answer to the question however. Follow this question and the solution might appear. The FAQ is good reading. Welcome to web application !! – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Apr 15 '13 at 20:36

I just ran into the same issue. In my case, someone had requested to join my Google Group, and I approved the request. However, I subsequently noticed that the account Delivery status was "Disabled" as you described in your initial description of the problem. So I deleted the account and then used "Direct add members" to add the email address back in the group. When I tried to add that email address, the display changed to say, "Invalid email addresses" and (in red) "Some email addresses cannot be added to this group because their accounts are disabled or are blocked from Google Groups" followed by "These email addresses can be corrected, removed, or ignored." There are now two buttons" "Verify" or "Ignore". I selected "Ignore" to add the person to the group, but the Delivery status is still "Disabled" (in red).

So I think #Riking hit the nail on the head - the account has been flagged by Google for some reason. Presumably I will have to wait until Google un-blocks the account before this person can use Google Groups.

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