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I am currently working to create a website (using Weebly, not from scratch) where users can find resources pertaining to Intercultural matters. The original idea was to organize the site into a number of pages each listing links to the resources, but resources tend to fall into a number of categories, resulting in resources appearing on multiple pages. Likewise, managing the pages would soon become troublesome, especially when links become broken, or are found to no longer be viable.

In order to avoid this, I thought about perhaps creating a database where I could add and edit resources freely in the back end (Title, Author, Type, Topic, Country, etc.), and site users can use a search feature embedded on the site in order to find resources from their own criteria. Thus, I'm looking for a web-based way of achieving the following:

  • Allow for easy addition and editing of resources (entries) for those not very skilled with computers.
  • Allow for a search feature to be embedded into a website which is usable by any user.
  • Does not allow site users to edit the database, simply search within it.

Is there any method of achieving this? I've been playing with a few database/app builders, but nothing appears to have the search functionality I'm looking for.

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I think Ragic fits your description perfectly.

  1. Adding editing through the spreadsheet interface.
  2. Embeddable full text search, and search forms.
  3. Access right setting, or just choose the type of embed widgets.
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