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I am wondering, is there a way that enables me to customize how my friends in my friend list see each other on Facebook?

There are some cases that make this feature so useful and necessary, for example:

  1. You add a new girl as a friend and don't want for her to see your other girl friends in your friends’ list.

  2. You add your current manger and don't want for her/him to your ex manager in your friends’ list.

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Yes there is a way.

  1. Click the Friends tab on your timeline.
  2. On the top right corner of Friends page you'll see two buttons: Find Friends and Edit (a pencil like button). Click on the Edit button and click Edit privacy.
  3. The first option allows you to set who sees your friend list; set this to Only me and click Close.

Your friend list is only visible to you now. Note! Mutual friends will be visible to anybody in your friend list... meaning if your current manager is also a friend of your ex-manager, he/she will see the other in your friend list. Hope this helps.

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it workes thank you :) – siamak Apr 19 '13 at 7:59

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