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For many GitHub repositories, there is a lot of activity going on per day. It would be nice to have an overview of all recent activity going on in the GitHub repository. Is there such a feature available?

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GitHub's Pulse feature allows you to find an overview of all recent activity in a repository (here's their post announcing the feature). This would include:

  • New/Closed Pull requests and Issues
  • Number of authors who made commits during the period specified
  • Number of commits made
  • Number of files changed
  • Number of lines added and removed
  • List of top contributors to the repository

It is possible to select the desired amount of time you wish to see. Available options are 24 hours before, 3 days before, 1 week before (default) and 1 month before. You can access it using the left-most heartbeat icon of any repository. It is also possible to see statistics up to 1 year before by manipulating the URL and changing the time factor to "yearly" (i.e. if you are in the month view, change "monthly" to "yearly").

Location of icon

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