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Can I reject specific emails? I don't want to just block the address. I want to reject a specific email address and have a rejection notification automatically sent.

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edit and mention which email service you're using. Flag for reopening once done – Sathya Apr 26 '13 at 3:25

As of September, 2015, you can now easily block specific email addresses without having to create a filter.

One of the options in the extended menu is now "Block {sender}". This will cause any new messages from that address to be marked as spam. It does not, however, send a message back to the sender.

You can review the list of addresses you're blocking in Settings under the renamed "Filters and Blocked Addresses". (This is where you'd unblock an address as well.)

More information:

If you want (need) a bounce message to be sent, you'll need to involve a third-party service, such as Block Sender for Gmail™. See also:

If you just want a "normal" message to go back to the sender, then you can use a combination of canned responses and filters. Simply create a filter on the target address (from:myexfromtexas@example.com) and have the action on the filter delete the message and reply with a canned response. ("Please stop emailing me.")

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