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Is there way to view the search results returned in Gmail to an exact number?

Let's say I have a friend, who knows this girl, who won't stop emailing him. He's filing for a restraining order, and he wants to put the exact number of times she's emailed him.

When he searches for her email, say using terms from:psycho.stalker@gmail.com, the results say "1-20 of Thousands".

Is there a way to determine the exact number, you know, in the interest of filling out the paperwork accurately for the state of California?

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All this of course is hypothetical... I mean... so says my friend. – mike the mike Jul 21 '10 at 7:48
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create a filter and apply a label. if you then show only mails from that label gmail displays the exact number of mails tagged by this label.

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Hack the url: Detailed instructions here

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