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I'm running Windows 7 Home x64 with Google Chrome on one machine, Windows 8 & Chrome on another. It also doesn't work in FF. I even tried IE just in case.

The fact that it is across multiple machines with different OS's and different browsers suggest it is in the application.

When I click the "call phone" button in Gmail it brings up the dialer gadget. I can type names from my contacts and it will let me pick the phone number to call. Unfortunately I've notice it doesn't recognize some contacts from my contacts Gmail contacts. I've compared a working contact and a non-working contact and haven't been able to identify any differences, poor example but like having both the first and last name in the last name field. Any ideas why the dialer sees some contacts but not others?

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I've been having the same problem for a long time. Very frustrating! The contact will auto-complete in Google Voice, but for some reason does not come up when trying to make a call from Hangouts / GMail. Perhaps a related problem: Some of my contacts' names change magically to their email address from their actual name they were originally save under. Needless to say, this is extremely annoying and frustrating. Sometimes I think that a contact is missing (a contact that I am certain is in my address book) and then I finally find that it is listed under the person's email address.... –  David E. Jan 28 at 18:57
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