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I've used craigslist multiple times for classified listings, for sale and for purchase. If i'm looking for a good or service and am willing to travel across multiple states for the right item, I can't find it on Craigslist, unless I am willing to search every Craigslist directory from here to kingdom come. I'm curious if there is a national craigslist site out there that let's you search ALL craigslist directories.

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The power of google will do this nicely for you. Google the following phrase to only search on

Example: + Carvin Bass Guitar + Red.

The more specific you are with what you are searching for the better your results will be. Searching for a Honda Accord this way would return thousands upon thousands of results. Maybe include the year, color and body style.

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That's pretty much what I said in my answer... which I posted earlier... – C-dizzle Apr 26 '13 at 20:50
You did, however you left out the search modifier "site:" to ONLY search pages from You're search keywords could have referenced other sites that mention craigslist and your search keywords. Which would not be helpful to your search. – Michael Quale May 17 '13 at 0:11

The only way I have found to do this is:

go to > in the search box type in Craigslist and the items you're searching for.

Example: Craigslist Honda Accord

Now you will find every post on craigslist about a Honda Accord

Note: you might have to go through a few pages to find your results... but this is what happened I just did it:

enter image description here

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