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When I create an even in Google Calendar, my test google account e-mail address receives an e-mail with the subject "Invitation: event title" but my main account (the one creating the event) does not.

I can use the event link in the e-mail to bring up a web page which allows me to mark my test account as attending, and when I log in to google calendar with that account, I can see the Going? Yes - Maybe - No | Remove section at the bottom of the event pop-up. I don't see a similar section at the bottom of the event in my main google account calendar though.

How can I record myself as attending my own event?

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It appears that if you want to be able to mark yourself as attending your own event, then you have to add yourself as a guest.

Google calendar does not require that the creator of an event must attend the event, so only the people who have actually been invited to the event are sent invites.

I assume the reason for this is to allow people to create events which they aren't attending themselves, but it seems rather unintuitive as default behaviour.

In addition, if you use a list to generate the invites, then even if you are on that list, google may inexplicably switch out your google e-mail address for another e-mail address associated with your account. If that happens you end up with a 'google cannot show this calendar' star next to your non-google e-mail address, in this case you have to add yourself again, using your google e-mail address, and only then will your personal entry appear in your calendar.

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